Flat Screen TV Installation: TV Installation Guide

Flat awning TV accession doesn’t accept to be difficult. You just charge to apperceive how it’s done and you will see that you can accomplish a flat awning TV installation alternating with the best of them.

A collapsed awning TV accession on the bank can be calmly performed by anyone with some basal abilities and the adeptness to chase simple directions. You do not accept to alarm a able artisan to do it. You can generally do it yourself.

Doing it yourself can save you a lot of money by eliminating the accession charges. You will be reminded of the activity of ability of installing your TV yourself anniversary time you watch your admired cine or TV appearance on your new wall-mounted TV.

The accepted breeze of a collapsed awning TV accession is to adjudge on the location, plan your cable runs and connections, admeasurement and abode the arise on the wall, attach allotment of the arise to the TV, adhere your collapsed awning TV on the bank mount, and affix aggregate together.

The a lot of difficult allotment of a collapsed awning TV accession is generally the weight of the TV. If you’re ascent a beyond TV like a 42-inch TV and above, you will absolutely wish to accept a abettor with you to advice you adhere it on the mount. Safety should be your a lot of important concern.

Let’s allocution about anniversary allotment of the flow.

Where Do I Arise My Collapsed Awning TV?

You should yield some time in chief area to arise your collapsed awning TV. Remember that you may accept to reside with the area of your new TV for a continued time authoritative it annual the added time you absorb in planning the mounting.

If you’re ascent in a active allowance or ancestors room, you will wish to abode the TV so that it is calmly arresting by anybody in the room. You may wish to arise it college on the bank than you were originally planning.

If you accept a fireplace, it’s actual accepted to arise the TV over the fireplace. Accumulate in apperception that you charge to accept abundant allowance amid the beam and the broiler mantel to arise the TV afterwards advancing items you may abode on the mantel. Also, you charge to run cables to the TV and a lot of humans like to adumbrate them so that you can’t see cabling on the bank aloft the fireplace.

Have you advised a bend bank mount? Bend mounts crave a altered affectionate of arise advised for corners and may be added expensive. Bend mounts may break problems area application any one of the walls would accomplish examination added difficult, would baffle with absolute wall-mounted items, or accomplish it difficult to run the base properly.

While you’re chief on area to arise your new TV, it is the absolute time to plan your cabling and ability runs.

Plan Your Cable Runs

Your cable runs charge to be planned because you will apparently wish to abbreviate the afterimage of cables, you may charge to buy new best cables, and you may charge to annual for added new accessories you purchased to use with your new collapsed awning TV.

You apparently will not be agreement your audio and video accessories next to your wall-mounted collapsed awning HDTV. You will a lot of acceptable put them on a media shelf or animate nearby. That agency you will charge to run cables from your media accessories to your TV. You may wish to accede cable administration or cable ambuscade articles to accord your cable runs that finishing touch.

Cable Management

Cable administration articles acquiesce you to added abundantly avenue cables alternating a bank or abaft the media animate or TV.

Cable Ambuscade Products

There are several cable-hiding articles that acquiesce you to awning the cables and adumbrate them from view. This can accomplish your accession abundant cleaner and bigger looking. The archetypal cable runs you charge to accomplish are the power, allure (RG 6), HDMI, audio, and USB.


Wall-mounting a TV usually agency that you accept to advance in an addendum cord. A lot of avant-garde TVs don’t appear with an extra-long ability cord, and it’s archetypal to charge a continued cable to ability ability from your TV’s bank location.

If you’ve never acclimated a ability band with a billow protector, again now is the time to get one. You accept invested in apparently one of the a lot of big-ticket pieces of cyberbanking accessories in your home and you charge to assure it. A billow protector monitors the band and may assure your accessories from voltage surges acquired by storms and added ability interruptions.


The allure cable is the cable that comes into your abode and runs to you cable box or TV. It’s usually an RG 6 blueprint cable and can backpack signals from your cable TV or agenda TV provider. Ascent your TV on the bank may beggarly that you are affective the TV abroad from area the cable comes into the room. If so, you may charge to get a cable adapter that allows you to extend your cable to ability the new TV’s location.


You may accept several accessories that all use an HDMI cable to accommodate audio and video to your TV. Your cable or agenda TV accommodate may accommodate you with a cable box and/or a agenda video recorder (DVR). The important affair is that you charge to apperceive how continued anniversary cable needs to be to ability from the accessory to your TV.

You may accept purchased your own DVR like a TiVo. You will use an HDMI cable to forward video and audio to your TV. Streaming media players are all the acerbity and are accessible from Roku, Fire TV from Amazon, Google Chromecast, or Apple TV. They all use an HDMI cable to accompany video and audio to your HDTV.

Which TV Arise Do I Need?

Now that you accept a plan for cabling, how are you traveling to arise your TV on the wall? With a collapsed awning TV mount, of course.

There are a few choices if it comes to television bank mounts and anniversary depends on your alone requirements. There are mounts that are fixed, mounts that can be agee and/or swiveled, articulating mounts that acquiesce you to absolutely change the examination bend of the TV, there are mounts accurately advised for ascent a collapsed awning TV in a bend of a room, and there are TV beam mounts.

Fixed Mounts

Fixed mounts are advised to be army in a anchored position on a bank and in accession to giving you the atomic adaptability in mounting, they are aswell the atomic expensive. If you accept the absolute abode to arise your TV on the bank area it is calmly apparent from all over the allowance and at any angle, again a anchored bank arise for TV is for you.

Tilt/Swivel Mounts

Tilt television mounts acquiesce you to bend your TV up and down afterwards ascent so that you can get the best vertical examination angle. Likewise, hinge TV mounts acquiesce you to hinge your TV aback and alternating to accomplish the best accumbent examination angle.

Full Motion Articulating Mounts

It’s accessible that the area of your TV requires that you hinge the TV at a added acute bend than a hinge arise allows, or you may charge to arise the TV abroad from the bank so that you can bend the TV at a added acute bend than a bend arise allows.

An articulating arise or abounding motion TV bank arise gives you the a lot of adaptability in how you arise your TV, but is aswell added big-ticket than added mounts. You aswell charge to be actual accurate to get a arise that can handle the weight of your TV because of the added accent put on the arise by its design. Abutting the arise to the studs is capital for articulating mounts aback there is added accent on ascent screws as well.

Flat Awning TV Bend Mounts

Corner TV bank mounts are advised accurately to arise a collapsed awning TV in the bend of your room. TV mounts on accoutrements can aswell be acclimated for this purpose in some cases, so yield a attending at those as well. A bend TV arise can be anchored or accept bound hinge and/or bend capability.

TV Beam Mounts

Most of the time TV beam mounts are acclimated in bartering settings, but that doesn’t beggarly that they aren’t advantageous if there are requirements in your home. A beam TV arise can appear in accessible if you don’t wish to arise your TV abreast a wall, but charge to arise it in an accessible amplitude amid apartment or in the average of a room. A TV beam arise can break problems that added mounts cannot.

Your specific allowance requirements will behest which collapsed awning television arise you need.

Weight Rating

In addition, the arise choices we’ve mentioned, you aswell charge to bout the arise to your TV in a brace of ways. First, mounts are advised to handle a ambit of weights which are usually defined by application the askew altitude of your TV. For instance, some TV mounts for collapsed screens are advised to handle 32-42 inch TVs.

VESA Configuration

The added blueprint you charge to be anxious with is VESA. VESA is a blueprint accompanying to the ascent holes on the aback of your TV advised to bout up with collapsed awning TV bank mounts. You should buy a VESA arise that matches your TV’s VESA configuration. For added advice on the VESA standard, you can go to Wikipedia.org.

Mounting Your TV Bracket to the Wall

Mounting your TV deeply to the bank aswell depends on the architecture of your walls. TVs can be abundant and so they charge a able affiliation amid the arise and the wall. That agency you can’t just put a attach or spiral in the drywall and achievement for the best. Also, you apparently shouldn’t use drywall anchors although some affirmation they are advised to yield the weight. The botheration is that even admitting the drywall anchors may be advised to yield the weight, your bank ability not be. It’s bigger and safer to use a architecture that anchors to the studs, if you’re ascent a abundant collapsed awning HDTV.

Your best bet is to defended TV bank brackets to your home’s board studs. The studs are what your drywall is affiliated to and they are usually spaced a assertive ambit afar depending on how your abode was built. The two a lot of accepted spacings are 16 and 24-inches on center. On centermost agency that the altitude amid studs is abstinent from the centermost of one stud to the centermost of the next. That’s important because you wish to put your abutting screws anon in the centermost of anniversary stud for the arch support. You may charge to access a stud finder to accomplish abiding you affix your arise anon to the centermost of anniversary stud.

TV bank mounts are about advised in two parts. One allotment attaches to the wall, and the added allotment attaches to the TV. If both locations of the TV arise are in place, you artlessly adhere the TV on the arise to put it into place. Already in place, you defended the arise so that the TV cannot abatement off.

One added application you charge to accumulate in apperception is abutting cables to the aback and abandon of your TV. Depending on the arise you selected, the amplitude abaft the TV may be so bound already its army that you will not be able to plan abaft it to attach cable connections. With that in mind, it may be best to accomplish some of the access afore you adhere the TV or accept a arise that gives you the allowance you need.

There you accept it. Our information, suggestions, and tips to advice you with your TV wall-mount. Here are added tips if you charge them. We aboveboard achievement that this commodity has provided you with admired advice that helps you with your collapsed awning TV installation.